Toon-Con is so excited for the amazing assortment of artists and retail vendors coming to exhibit at the show! Booth numbers to come, but you can look forward to shopping from some of these incredible people:

Animation Ink Archive
Planet X Toys
Kate Maxwell
Diana Leto
Alfredo Luna
Armando Avila
Andrea Gerstmann
Stasi Larios
Moon Lab
Tammy Nguyen
Michael Piscopo
Xavier Cal Collectibles

Anime Link
Brandon Noel
Aaron Hazouri
Marie Lum
Alexander Ahad
Marissa Bernstel
Diego Cadena
Sabina Flores
Frank Dietz
Hamimo Small Things
Retro Kong
Shannon Garnett
Hee Han
Ami Amour/Kooky Kinks
David Castro
Sanji Craft

Gigi Rockets
Metha Bacong
Lorraine Sheldon
Hoyin Wan
Mark Marella
Joshua Van Loon
Brian Stevenson
Ryan Adams
Vincent Do
Luis Carpio
Joanne Garcia