G-21Alan Oppenheimer
G-22Alan Oppenheimer
A-6Alison Kipperman 
G-15Bob West 
G-17Brock Powell 
A-2Chuck Patton
W-4Dan Molina
W-3Don Bluth 
W-1Don Bluth Merch
W-2Don Bluth Merch
G-12Eric Bauza
G-13Eric Bauza
G-6Gary Goldman
G-26George Newbern
G-27George Newbern
G-9Greg Eagles
G-3Jeff Bennett
W-5Jeff Etter
G-7Julie Brown
G-8Julie Brown
W-8Larry Houston 
W-6Lorna Cook
G-24Maria Canals-Barrera
G-14Marty Grabstein
G-20Melendy Britt
G-10Melissa Fahn
W-9Michael Swanigan 
G-18Pat Fraley
G-4Pat Musick
G-22BPhil Lamar
G-23Phil Lamar
G-5Phillip Glasser
G-19Rene Jacobs
G-11Richard Horvitz
G-16Rikki Simons
W-7Scott Shaw!
G-1Sid Krofft
G-2Sid Krofft
A-3Steve Gordon
G-25Susan Eisenberg
G-16Tavish Simons
A-7Tone Rodriguez

Are you in the animation industry as an artist, producer, or voice actor? Do you think you’d make an awesome addition to Toon-Con’s guest lineup? Drop us a line and tell us about yourself! Every email will be answered as we build the convention and get closer to showtime!

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